DailyGood: More Wrinkles, More Smiles


The years teach much which the days never knew. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fact of the Day:
Happiness increases with age, surveys say! A recent Gallup poll asked 340,000 people across the United States questions ranging from age and gender, health, personal finances, emotions, and general well-being. They found that negative emotions like worry and sadness drop off after age 50, about the same time happiness sets in. Overall, the trends show that young adults start out feeling pretty good, transition into the twists and turns of adult life, and come out happy and satisfied as they grow into old age. So the next time you discover a new wrinkle or grey hair, celebrate! Maybe ignorance isn’t so blissful after all.  [ more ]

Be The Change:
Celebrate the aging process: Reflect on the greatest lessons from each decade of your life.

One Response to “DailyGood: More Wrinkles, More Smiles”

  1. Mary Witt Says:

    Wow! I am so happy that I am 50! I love this information. Some friends and I were talking about our attitudes and how they have changed in the last few years…of course we are all around 50. The discussion was whether we were losing our ability to care enough. It seems as if we were all caring about life events less and less but none of us desire change of our feelings, we are happy with them. So the possibility is that we just are not worrying as much and not being as attached to outcomes as much as we had been in previous decades. Oh, I really like this! Thanks for the insight!! lol with happiness.

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