Love Letter


Is legalism more important, my child, than allowing me to love you?  Is your desire to cross the t’s and dot the i’s more important than trusting my love and resting securely in my complete, unconditional acceptance and passionate love for you?  Can you not lay aside efforts to control and direct others’ lives long enough to know how my enduring love for you can change your life forever?  Do you not know how my joy in you can make your life a song of peace?

You seek definitions, rules, regulations, restrictions and limits.  Are you so afraid of the freedom of living within my boundless love?  Is there something about the freedom of unconditional love you cannot face?  Without doubt, to live in the aura of such love will open your eyes to how you live now.  To know my love is to recognize your responding love cannot be less accepting, more conditional than my own.  In learning to live with the love I have for you, you are certain to recognize you will have to love others with the same freedom-honoring compassion.  No longer will you be able to allow yourself to impose limits on others by creating conditions for love.  Perfect love is perfectly free and perfectly responsible to honor that freedom.

Why do you hold so tightly to the fear, such agony preventing you from a Spirit-filled life of freedom from that fear?  Does a child fear to accept love? Does a child refuse to trust love?  I would hold your life and your heart in complete love, as you hold your infant son or daughter.  I would seek to share with you the best there is just as you long to give that to your own child.  You, as a young child, never questioned your mother’s love, unconditional and enduring.  Why do you question and doubt my love?  It is even more that hers.  Her love for you is the channel through which I share my Reality, my passion and unending life of joy and goodness.

I honor you, dearest child.  I honor your choice, whether to accept and to love in return, or not.  Your fear to open to my love will not change my love for you.  I shall love you for no other reason than this:  I am Love and I exist for being Love.

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