What Will Change Everything?


Hi everyone, Celeste Shakti here. I want to thank Jody Amato for getting our blog started. I know it has not been very personal as I have been so busy, but wanted to get things started with some of the wonderful stories from Charityfocus.org. The plan is to have guest contributors and a lively conversation on Sacred Activism and Spiritual Practices in today’s world.

Given the article here, what do YOU think would change everything?

Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant. –Anthony J. D’Angelo

Fact of the Day:
Every year, John Brockman — who runs the nonprofit Edge Foundation in New York — asks a gaggle of forward-thinking people a provocative question. This is the Edge Annual Question for 2009: “What will change everything?” Writer David Bodanis suggests that some kind of massive technological failure would be game-changing. Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, says that reinventing industry to have less impact on the environment will alter the way we live. And Sherry Turkle, a psychologist at MIT, looks forward to the day when robots will serve as companions to humans. Here are a few other intriguing replies… [ more ]

Be The Change:
What would your answer to Brockman’s question be?

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4 Responses to “What Will Change Everything?”

  1. Suzy Sharpe Says:

    When the ideas that we are all one, that what happens to one happens to all, that the smallest good we do has tremendous repercussions–when those ideas become mainstream ideas, EVERYTHING will change. Is it possible? All it took was one documentary featuring Al Gore and the idea of climate change (which had been discussed in scientific circles for decades) took off.

    Like it says in The Great Turning/, “Change the story.”

  2. Lynda jean Says:

    And is it not the best to know the Truth, so that our peace remains as we walk with change and the world at large….
    .ahhhh, there is nothing like the Truth of the Divine..huh?

    You are right Suzy and the Great Turning starts with each individual, realizing their oneness to the whole….we are it…unmeasured by the seen….yet experienced by its effect//////..

  3. Suzy Sharpe Says:

    A reminder that Empire is 5000 years old…

    The great Way is easy,
    yet people prefer the side paths.
    Be aware when things are out of balance.
    Stay centered within the Tao.

    When rich speculators prosper
    while farmers lose their land:
    when government officials spend money
    on weapons instead of cures:
    when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible
    while the poor have nowhere to turn–
    all this is robbery and chaos.
    It is not in keeping with the Tao.

    Tao te Ching
    (550 – 479 BCE)
    translation by Stephen Mitchell

  4. Celeste Says:

    Right on Suzy! I think each of us can change everything every time we make, or not make a purchase….what do we choose to buy, and from whom. How do we vote with our moeny every day.

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