What Can You Live Without?


Everyone has too much of something, whether it’s time, talent or treasure. Everyone does have their own half, you just have to find it. —Hannah Salwen

Fact of the Day:
It all began with a stop at a red light. While Kevin Salwen and his 14-year-old daughter, Hannah, were waiting at a traffic light, they saw a black Mercedes coupe on one side and a homeless man begging for food on the other. “Dad, if that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal,” Hannah protested. She pestered her parents about inequity, insisting that she wanted to do something. “What do you want to do?” her mom responded. “Sell our house?” That is exactly what the family did. “We essentially traded stuff for togetherness and connectedness,” says father Kevin Salwen. Hannah and Kevin wrote a book about the family’s experience, The Power of Half, which will be released in February. [ more ]

Submitted by: Several Daily Good Readers

Be The Change:
Think of three things you have in abundance — they may include time, talent or treasure. Could someone else use them? Notice the unanticipated rewards that result from your giving.

One Response to “What Can You Live Without?”

  1. Celeste Says:

    The web site for the Power of Half is great. The book comes with a study guide that would be great for families as a way to talk about consumption with the children.

    In my Yoga studies, self disapline can be practiced by waiting 30+ days before making a purchase that is not a necessity…or one that perceives so :). This has helped me, especially regarding cataloges. I have marked a page and then went back weeks later and did not even remember what I found sooo appealing at the time.

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